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Any hairstylist in a salon in Yorktown va or in the state of va, could have many levels of experience and education. Example: there is a salon with three working behind the chair. Let’s call the first Barbie D. Barbie D just started a month ago as an apprentice, no classroom hours, no license, no experience. She doesn’t know what head lice look 👀 like, or ringworm. Both can be passed to her clients all day, maybe infecting the whole salon.
number 2 behind the chair is  Quampesia. Quampesia did go to school and had 1200 hours of class work, practical and classroom. Quampesia has had a class on head lice and ringworm, but not actually seem either. She may find them on her client. She probably knows how to give a basic cut, bob, and apply your root color. Probably no knowledge on how to formulate your color, or what type hair color is best with the least damage to your hair and the least upkeep for you, saving your money and time. Number 3 cosmetologist is named Domineatea. Domineatea completed her 1200 classroom hours, written and practical. She passed a state board test with the state of va, and has worked with a licensed cosmetologist for 6 months. She’s finished her education, but maybe not! How many years of experience does it take to actually know how to fix your orange kitchen colored hair, or apply your foils in an acceptable time frame for the lightener to complete its action before compromising the integrity of your hair, and before it turns into cotton candy. With enough experience, Domineatea can add depth and lightness with foils and color simultaneous and the correct placement for each to achieve multicolor believable haircolor. She’s been their done that before. She can customize your hair services to your needs, knowing the products available today and how to use them.
SO, ASK BEFORE COMMITTING YOURSELF TO A PATICULAR CHAIR. Are you licensed? What’s your experience behind a chair?
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