Consultation with your hairstylist / hair color

When you call for an appointment for color, there are many questions that have to be answered. What color are you now, what is your goal or target color? What has previously been applied to your hair? Is it fine or course? I will ask the client to text selfies to me and also photos of their desired color. This saves time in my chair for you as well as myself. There are many factors that have to be determined: will the clients hair withstand the chemical process, what products to choose to accomplish their goal with the least damage (on average 20% of the bonds in your hair will break during a chemical process, but that’s a whole different subject 😉) how long is this process going to take, how many colors will be needed, one process or multiple, do I have the products on hand and enough, how much change does the clients personality going to be comfortable with, suttle change or dramatic. These decisions are usually determined over the phone using client photos, free and before the appointment is booked. Call or come get in my chair for you consultation @ Hair Art / Yorktown VA 757.725.4200

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